Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friends at Play

First layout done with Club Scrap Friendship kit from April 2004. Gin-X alpha rub ons and an alphabet template from the early days of scrapbooking for the title.

Second layout is all Chatterbox stuff that I am desperately trying to finish off. Why oh why do I buy so much!!?! The title I finished digitally because I could not find the right colour chipboard. I have some raw ones which I shall colour some other time. This layout inspired by one in CK of last month, I think.

It is not easy for Ricky to find playmates, especially outside the school environment. Which is why he has a fantastic time when he gets together with William & Matthew. They are just as boisterous as Ricky and they have a great time together!

Lily's seventh birthday. We had a 'Dress Up' tea party. Everyone wore their prettiest outfits, ribbons in their hair and even some jewellery! These little girls usually live in tees and shorts. It was so nice to see them all dolled up. Of course, some refused, even for the party .. LOL! See if you can spot the one very angry face!

Since there is not much journalling involved in these layouts I will leave you with the following to read. Do take the trouble of clicking on each image and squinting through the print and also the handwritten comments. It is well worth the effort .... Peter at least had a very active imagination.


This following video does not really have much to watch - rather more to listen. Some jokes by Demetri Martin.


Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

love the layouts. so you handcut the friendship letters or were they with a collzzal or something? either way real good job. I like the second one too, nice soft orange tones.

Magpie9759 (Jan Connair) said...

Love the layouts. The top one, especially, is such a great color combo.

Kelly C said...

great 2 page spread!!

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the layouts!!! But even more so, I LOVE the "find x" math problem!!!! I did that too once.........and while the teacher said I was correct, he also said that hide and seek wasn't a math game. Fun times!!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Helena said...

Ooh, I like that first layout! Nice work!

I've seen the math problems--those are a hoot.