Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5 foreign tourists told to Quit India

In a land which prides itself for tolerance, this does not make much sense. And even more so considering the recent advertising campaign the Indian Government has started. But then there is a lot about the workings of Government that the normal man cannot fathom!

In a strange move, at a time when the government is promoting "Come to India — Walk with the Buddha" to attract foreign tourists to Buddhist circuit in the country, five foreigners have been given Quit India notice to leave the country within seven days "for participating in a religious activity".

James Petersen, Lex Pelger and David Huang from US, Maryla Cross from UK and Paul Christians Buntz from Norway were given the notices for "violating the visa rules" by Pithoragarh SP Puran Singh Rawat on Friday as they reached Banspatan in Uttarkhand's border district with the Tibetan marchers who have been walking towards Tibet since March 10.

While 19 Tibetans were jailed on Friday, the foreigners were detained for a while, given the notice and asked to leave the area immediately. (TOI)

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