Thursday, May 29, 2008

Naples filth gets unmanageable

Red tape, corruption and the mafia make this once beautiful city into a putrefying pustule on Silvio Berlusconi's backside. Let's see what his iron fist will get done. For the sake of the common man in Napoli I hope that this is one instance where Mr. Berlusconi can match his words by his actions.

Beneath the mountains of festering waste, Naples is a city descending into chaos. Officially there is an estimated 50,000 tonnes of uncollected rubbish in the Campania region, 5,000 tonnes of it on the city's streets. But drive around and it soon becomes obvious that this is an extremely conservative estimate. Wherever you go outside the city centre there are enormous piles of rubbish rotting in the sun. The smell gets so bad it is often just burned - and as the temperatures soar so do the frustrations of the beleaguered Neapolitans.

For Campania, with a population of some six million people, there is, today, according to the council, just one viable dump. The three incinerators they are building as part of the solution are all hopelessly behind schedule. One, in Acera, is still at least five months from completion, and has recently run out of money. The 70m euros (£55m) needed to finish the job has been frozen as part of an investigation into corruption involving the regional governor, Antonio Bassolino, and 27 others. (BBC)

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