Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New underwater wine storage technique

This is most interesting. I will have to make a note in a RL diary somewhere (not my Google calendar because wired things change so fast I am sure I won't be using the same calendar for a couple of decades) to check 20 years later how the wine is different because it was stored underwater.

French winegrowers have submerged 276 bottles of local drink deep in an artificial lake and will keep them there for decades to see how they differ from bottles stored above ground for the same period. A dozen frogmen placed the bottles of Arbois wine, kept in wire crates, 60 metres below the surface among the ruins of a sunken 12th century abbey in Vouglans, in the Jura region of eastern France.

Built by monks of the order of Saint Bruno, the Chartreuse de Vaucluse was submerged in 1968, when France's electricity operator, EDF, created a huge dam and France's third largest lake. Every 20 years, a crate of 24 bottles will brought to the surface to test how the wine has changed, in parallel with the normally conserved bottles, according to domain Henri Maire, which organised the operation. (Telegraph)

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