Saturday, May 31, 2008

LO: Art Classes

Layout done with bits & pieces of leftover cardstock, a brush cut out from a very old scrapbooking magazine and chipboard letters. I used the insides of 'd' & 'o' to add more green to the layout.

This last year Ricky has been going to after school art classes held by Stephen Thomas, a well known painter here in Hong Kong. Every two weeks he comes home with a piece of art that has all of us exclaiming with wonder and delight! I knew that Ricky liked to paint but seeing how much effort he put into his classes, and what beautiful paintings he makes, has made me so much more proud of him!


Wanda H said...

It's wonderful that Ricky gets to take the classes and enjoys them!!! Your layout is great!! Fantastic way to use up those leftover pieces from the letters.

Cindy Roland said...

What a wonderful experience this is for everybody. I am sure that Ricky must enjoy this totally. Love the art supplies!! Great layout.

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

I LOVE your layout with left-over supplies, Aparna! You never would have guessed by looking at the end result that your layout wasn't totally planned this way with the great primary colors!!!! Your son must have your artistic genes!!!! LOL!!!