Thursday, May 29, 2008

50,000 visitors to Bedroom Temple

What started out as a shrine for the couple to pray in has now become a regular temple with all Hindu rituals and festivals being observed and carrying out blessings for weddings, births and deaths. Apparently wishes made there come true!! So interesting!

A couple have had more than 50,000 visitors to their home since they turned their spare bedroom into a Hindu temple 29 years ago. Sushila Karia, 57, and her husband Dhirajlal, 68, said they built the shrine because the nearest alternative was 45 miles away when they moved there 29 years ago.

The couple, who have a son and a daughter, had begun just by praying in the room as a family after their move from north London. But they felt that they wanted something more and shipped 17 marble statues of gods and goddesses from India and installed them in the room. (Telegraph)

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