Friday, May 30, 2008

Gross stuff in face creams

The market now is so congested. People have so much choice. How does one make one's product stand out from the rest? With makers of creams & lotions the solution is to put in something really weird and tell every one what a breakthrough it is! I am going to be double checking what is in my face cream.

Ladies, next time you reach for your favourite face cream have a peek at the label because the ingredients might be a little more exotic – or off-putting – than you realised. Snake venom, snail slime, shark eggs and even placenta have been found in skincare products on sale around the world, according to research by Mintel.

The American firm Syence Skin Care Laboratories produces Skin Venom Memory Cream, which is based on a snake peptide venom said to mirror the effects of Botox and conquer wrinkles. Although available in Britain, it does not come cheap at £180 per 50ml.

Chinese women can snap up a product by Profael Specialty Skin called Nourishment, which contains bee mucus, while in Colombia, users of Bonnie Baba de Caracol Moisturising Cream are rubbing extract of purified snail slime into their body.(Telegraph)

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