Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great publicity stunt by little known Indian actor

I read this article in detail a while back - it was all over Indian wired news. Some guy called Manoj Tiwari (never heard of him before) was being honoured by the Government of the Netherlands with a stamp. His face would be on the stamp and I wondered 'Why?' Now it seems the question should have 'Really?'

Not many might have heard of Bhojpuri film superstar Manoj Tiwari getting an honour by the Netherlands government that would do, say, even Bachchan proud! According to Tiwari, the Royal Dutch government recently issued a postage stamp in his honour. Fickle trade circles began talking in tones of awe and wonder at the "reach" of the Bhojpuri superstar.

But the wonderment was short-lived as soon the news caught the curiosity of Patna-based teenager, Nawal Kishore Kumar. Surfing the Dutch government's website, he found to his utter shock that no such stamp had been issued to "honour" Tiwari.

Kumar then wrote an email to the Netherlands government's public information officer, H ter Laak, to lift the cloud of controversy. Laak replied to Kumar in which he writes, "Thank you for the email. No postage stamp on the actor has been issued." (TOI)

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