Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pisa Tower safe for 300 years

I remember when we were there and saw a lot of work going on. I was worried about how good the job would be and reading all the reports on how it was tilting was not very reassuring. Now I see '300 years' and I am happy. 300 is a good number. I am sure 300 years from now they'll do an even better job!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been saved for another 300 years and is no longer moving, according to the engineers in charge of the rescue operation. "All of our best hopes have been confirmed. We can now say that the tower will not move again for at least three centuries," said Michele Jamiolkowski, a Turin-based engineer who led the project to stabilise the tower.

The tower currently leans 13 feet off centre, and has been straightened by 14.5 inches since 1999 thanks to a £20 million restoration project. As an added bonus, the authorities plan to reopen a "secret wonder" of the tower. Until 1935 it was possible, by entering a side door of the tower, to gaze upwards through its seven storeys to see the sky. (Telegraph)

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