Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cruel Olympic Merchandise is unofficial

Whoever came up with this stupid idea, and the manufacturers, should be put behind bars! I hope that officials in China can stop this at once and are able to prevent anything similar from happening again. If they had stronger copyright laws, which were actually enforced, then this would not have happened at all!

Animal welfare groups have described sales of live goldfish trapped inside unofficial Olympic merchandise in China as “shocking”. Waterfront traders in Qingdao, where Olympic sailing events will take place this summer, have been selling the fish inside heart-shaped novelty plastic key rings.

A cheerful picture of a boy called Huanhuan - one of five mascots for the 2008 games - is printed on the front of a sealed plastic bag containing the fish, with no room to swim and a short supply of oxygen inside.

The RSPCA spokesman said: “The fish would have little oxygen available and it would be impossible to feed the fish. “The fish would survive just a few hours, and would be lucky to make it from the manufacturers to the point of sale. “This product shows a shocking lack of respect for a living thing and should be withdrawn from sale. We are shocked and appalled. It is a gimmick and shows no respect for the animals at all. We can’t understand why anyone would want to buy such a thing.” (Telegraph)

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