Friday, May 30, 2008

Venomous snake bites man on penis

This has to be a man's nightmares come true! I am so glad that the tourist survived and that his identity has not been released. So at this point I can confess that I was guilty of laughing when I imagined the scenario in my head.


A tourist in Australia is lucky to be alive after being bitten on the penis by one of the world’s most venomous snakes. The man was having a roadside toilet stop when the deadly brown snake emerged from the bush and lunged at his crotch. It bit him on the end of the penis but did not release a significant amount of toxin through its fangs.

Paramedics rushed to the aid of the tourist, who was on a road near the town of Laura, on the wild and rugged Cape York Peninsula of Queensland. The incident happened a month ago but has only just come to light after it was confirmed by medical staff. The man, whose nationality was not released, was extremely fortunate to be alive but also “shocked and embarrassed” about where he had been bitten, an ambulance spokesman said.

Brown snakes are among the most common species of snake in Australia and are often encountered around farms, in bushland and even in suburbia. They cause more deaths from snakebite than any other species. (Telegraph)

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