Monday, May 26, 2008

Divers to blame for predicament

And the saga goes on ... first they thought they were going to die. Then they got rescued. Then they realised they had a story they could sell (I can even see a movie here, talks with TV stations are already underway) and make money. Then they hired a publicist. Then they were asked to donate some of the money they made from their story (which their publicist has said they will). And now it appears that they had no one but themselves to blame for their near brush with death - a tad different from the story the couple sold. From another point of view it sounds like a classic case of over confidence.

Doubt has been cast over a British tourist’s account of how he and his American girlfriend were apparently abandoned by a dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef, spending a terrifying night in shark-infested waters. The couple said they surfaced just 200 yards from the boat but were unable to raise the attention of the crew or other divers, instead being pulled away by a strong current and enduring a night at sea in which they feared they would be attacked by sharks.

But a passenger on the catamaran insisted they must have drifted much further from the vessel for the 22 crew and passengers not to have spotted them. “We don’t know exactly where they came up, but there were enough eyes on that boat to have seen anyone within 1,000 metres easily. There were about 22 people standing on the roof looking for them. There were at least four pairs of binoculars and it wasn’t that rough. There’s no way they came up near the boat.”

He said the couple were “their own worst enemies” because they were told not to move out of the lagoon in which the dive boat was moored, but did so anyway. “They took it upon themselves to venture further afield and that’s how they ended up being caught in the current and that’s how they ended up being lost. Everybody else got back. Less experienced divers who were doing the same thing realised what was happening and managed to make it back. These people didn’t.”

Queensland police said they would not be pressing any charges against the diving company. (Telegraph)

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