Saturday, May 31, 2008

'La Nina' may be causing shark attacks

I heard about the shark attacks a few days ago. It was sad yes, but what upset me even more is the report that Mexican authorities have started killing sharks. I cannot understand exactly how many they would need to kill before they are able to bring nature under their control. Is there a certain number of deaths that will send the message to other sharks? Perhaps they'd like to eradicate sharks altogether so that tourists can surf and swim in peace?

Understanding why certain things happen, and taking precautions to avoid accidents is so much more sensible than the massacre the Mexican authorities have started of a creature who is in its natural habitat!

Cooler than normal sea-surface temperatures due to the La Nina phenomenon may be partly responsible for a spate of fatal shark attacks off Mexico's Pacific coast, a U.S. shark expert said on Friday. La Nina, which usually results in cooler than normal water in the Pacific, has moved the boundary between cold and warm water closer to the shore, and along with it, fish and their shark predators, George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research told Reuters. "One of the factors we're investigating is if there are special oceanographic conditions that might have contributed to the attacks," said Burgess but more research was needed before a definite cause could be found. (Reuters)

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