Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Titan for $120,000 - It's a Dog!!

But WHAT a dog!! Not only is it amazing to look at it also is the best you can get for home protection. CCTVs and burglar alarms do not hold a candle to this beautiful creature. And do click on the link to Lifestyle pets to check out the Ashera cat - I am not a cat person but I am so very tempted! I just have to buy me a house first ;-) Getting a job is also not a bad idea!

It might look like a cuddly family pet - but the highly-trained German Shepherd is the future of frontline home security. Titan wonderdogs are taught to track and trap intruders until police arrive, protecting families and their homes.

The Schutzhunds - protection dogs - spend two years being trained at specialist German camps where they are schooled in odour detection and search and rescue as well as being tested for their strength, courage and endurance. This and their impeccable pedigree means that they can fetch up to £65,000.

“You can have the most expensive CCTV cameras and alarms in the world but if someone climbs into your garden when your children are playing they can be useless,” he said. “The Titan will alert people to danger as well as acting as a deterrent.” He stressed that while the dogs are trained to scare burglars, they can also be trusted with young children. “While we train them to be aggressive, they will not attack and are therefore completely safe for families,” he said. “And, of course they are gorgeous looking dogs. I saw one the other day and it was so impressive seeing something so powerful in total control.” (Telegraph)

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