Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indian Govt wants to spy on Blackberry messages

.... but the makers of Blackberry have refused to decrypt messages - I like how they insisted that the technology would not allow them to! India is not the only country that does not allow widespread use of the Blackberry because of fears that these devices may be used for terrorism. So if you need to provide an ID card to buy a cycle, what documentation would you need to supply to be able to use a Blackberry?

So, as I see it slowly the Governments (not just the Indian Govt. mind you) are clamping down on our freedoms, finding more ways to keep tabs on us, but it does not seem to be affecting the terrorists in anyway. Last I checked Bin Laden was just fine somewhere and bombs exploding and people dying with fail safe regularity.

The Canadian manufacturer of Blackberry mobile phones has rejected demands by the Indian government that it help decrypt suspicious text messages. The firm, Research in Motion, says its technology does not allow any third party - even the company itself - to read information sent over its network.

The Indian authorities have been reluctant to allow the widespread use of Blackberries in the country. They fear militants and criminals may take advantage of the secure system. A number of other countries around the world have expressed similar fears. (BBC)

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