Monday, June 16, 2008

$100 pants help women lose weight without excercise

LipoContour briefs are supposed to take inches off your waist hips thighs without you having to exercise. Italian cosmetic surgeon Professor Marco Gasparotti, the designer of the pants, explains that the thick layers of the pants 'micro massage' you at problem spots. This increases blood circulation which helps break down fat and smooth out cellulite. I am so very tempted!

They are big, ugly and decidedly unsexy, but a pair of large white pants could become this summer's must-have accessory. LipoContour briefs claim to be able to take inches off hips and thighs without the need for a single aerobics class, lunge or star jump.

Makers of the shorts say that over 12 weeks they "refine and lift" the body, and if worn for eight hours a day, could yield permanent results. They were originally meant to be worn by patients recovering from lyposuction procedures.

LipoContour general manager Trisha Juke said the pants worked better if combined with exercise, but they were also "very suited to someone who has an office job and sits down all day. People get obsessed with food when they go on diets. This is a much easier solution," she said. (Link)

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