Monday, June 23, 2008

White wine with health benefits developed

I like my whites as much as my reds but I do drink more red wine. It is good to know that soon a glass of white wine will be as good as a glass of red. Now if only someone came up with a foolproof way to have lots of bubbly and yet avoid the hangover next day!

A white wine which is as beneficial to health as red wine has been developed by scientists. The Israeli wine contains enhanced levels of plant chemicals which are believed to fight heart disease. Researchers from Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, found that they were able to fortify white wine with health-giving polyphenol compounds.

Red wine is naturally fortified with the compounds, which are concentrated in grape skins. The fermentation process releases the polyphenols, giving red wine its colour and its antioxidant properties. White wine is not made with grape skins and therefore lacks polyphenols. But scientists at Technion discovered that they could boost white wine polyphenols six-fold, by incubating squeezed grapes in the presence of alcohol for 18 hours, before removing their skins. (Link)

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