Friday, June 13, 2008

Danish couple mutilate their daughters

They took their daughters to Sudan and had their clitoris (what is the plural - clitorii?) cut off! Every year at least two million females are subject to genital mutilation. Reasons are usually religious or cultural but the notable thing is that Islamic scholars have stated that the Koran does not have this requirement.


Danish police have arrested a couple of Sudanese origin suspected of taking their two young daughters to Sudan to be circumcised. Female circumcision usually involves the partial removal of the woman's genitals. It is outlawed in Denmark but remains a widespread practice in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Police said the girls, now aged nine and 11, were circumcised in 2003 during a trip to the east African nation. The 49-year-old husband and his 40-year-old wife were arrested after Danish social services alerted police to the fact that medical examinations showed the two girls had been circumcised. The couple, who deny all wrong-doing, were also accused of having planned to take their third daughter, aged five, to Sudan to be circumcised. (Link)


Anonymous said...

Danish people come from Denmark. Dutch people come from the Netherlands. Holland is often used in the place of the Netherlands, but in reality it is a province in the Netherlands. Actually it is two provinces, North Holland and South Holland.

Ape Maya said...

thanks for pointing that out :) Made an edit and the boo-boo is gone!