Friday, June 13, 2008

"I am going to keep my moustache!"

I was not going to post this bit of news if there was no photo of the Flight Lieutenant Chris Ball and his moustache. But here he is! The look reminds me of the English in India during the Raj. Apparently once upon a time whiskers like this was regulation! I do wonder ... does it tickle? ;-)

An RAF pilot has been ordered to trim his handlebar moustache by an American General who took offence at its length, but the British serviceman was not prepared to lose his whiskers without a fight. The British airman, who sports a handlebar moustache in the proud tradition of the RAF, refused to comply when his superior officer in Afghanistan took offence at his facial hair.

Showing a bravado akin to that of Biggles, he fought back, eventually convincing the general that his generous whiskers were in line with regulations laid down by the Queen herself. The moustache was once such a part of the RAF uniform that rules during the Second World War stated: "The whole of the upper lip shall remain unshaven." (Link)

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