Friday, June 13, 2008

Tom Hanks helps stranded bride

This bride will have an extra story to tell about her wedding day - Tom Hanks escorted her to the church! I would have been envious knowing that she got married in the Pantheon - add Hanks & Hello magazine to the equation and you have a wedding that makes headlines worldwide ... lol!

Actor Tom Hanks has shown he is a real life hero by stopping work on his new film to help a stranded bride reach her wedding. Hanks is currently reprising the role of Robert Langdon for the filming of Angels and Demons, the sequel to the Da Vinci Code, in Rome.

He was filming a scene with a crew outside a church in the city, when the actor spotted the stuck bride-to-be. Dressed in her wedding dress and veil, and ready to get married, the woman had arrived at the Pantheon only to find her access blocked by the film crew. But as soon as he spotted the damsel in distress, Hanks immediately called a stop to filming and rushed over to help. Not content with easing the nervous bride's path to the church, Hanks took her arm, and escorted her and her father across the film set to the altar. (Link)

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