Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Presidential candidate condoms

Another way to make money ... McCain & Obama condoms. This is an entrepreneur from Manhattan and he decided to put the candidates on condom packages. McCain's package says 'Old but not expired' and Obama's package says 'Use with good judgement'.

Benjamin Sherman, who created the company Practice Safe Policy, has been selling condoms named after Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain around the world for several weeks. According to the website, McCain condoms "are battle tested, strong and durable, for those occasions when you just need to switch your position!" McCain served in the military in Vietnam and was held as a prisoner of war there.

While the company can't guarantee the condoms are 100% effective, it says it's certain "that without wearing one, there's likely to be an Obama-Mama in your future. We've done it in fun. People are not actually going to use these condoms," said Sherman, 26. The 9.95-dollar-per-pair "keepsakes" are so popular that Sherman said he had nearly sold out and expected to order a second shipment this week. He declined to say how many condoms were in each order. The condoms are generic and the candidates are featured only on the packaging. (Link)

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