Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dog loses $10 million inheritance

At least the dog is not aware of its misfortune. And he will be pretty well cared for - apart from other expenses, his guardian will be paid $60,000 per annum. Nice!!

Trouble, the beloved dog of Leona Helmsley, the late hotel billionaire, lost $10 million (£5 million) in an inheritance settlement but can still look forward to a life of luxury. Judge Renee Roth, of the Manhattan Surrogate Court, accepted a settlement between Mrs Helmsley's heirs and the New York State Attorney General's office which cut the nine-year-old Maltese's inheritance on the grounds that his owner was mentally unfit when she made her will.

The dog will now have to make do with $2 million, under the ruling which was made on April 30 and became public yesterday. Mrs Helmsley, who died last August aged 87, had amassed a fortune in real estate and hotels with her husband, Harry Helmsley, who died in 1997. (Link)

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