Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dutch follow Orange ... just about anywhere!

Railway workers in Switzerland wear orange striped vests when working. The railway had to switch to yellow because a bunch of Dutch supporters followed a railway worker onto the tracks, thinking that the uniform was their traditional orange dress and the next game was to be held on the railway tracks! ummm?

This is a public service warning. If you know any Dutch people, you need to be very, very, careful not to confuse them.

This became obvious after a bunch of Dutch soccer fans at Euro 2008 followed a Swiss railway worker onto the tracks because they mistook his orange reflective vest for their traditional orange dress. I’m not making this up. It seems the idea that train tracks might be a wacky spot for a soccer match just didn’t occur to them.

The Swiss, not wanting a slaughter that would gum up their tracks with Dutch people and wooden shoes, have now given the railway workers yellow vests.

Meanwhile, if you do know some Dutch people, do NOT let them see you toss an orange shirt into a tank of killer sharks. Don’t even THINK about it! (Oddly Enough)

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