Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fireman drives trucks 20 years without license

This is strange news but I find the summary dismissal of the guy quite sad. If he was not able to pass his written exams he must have some problems. He sounds like a good guy otherwise. If his career record is good, then instead of prosecuting him and generally making him into a criminal, why not do something to help they guy? Maybe an alternative job? Encourage him to sit for the exams again and try to get his licence? Destroying his life and making the man desperate is not a solution benefiting the good of society in the long term.

A fire-fighter in Japan lost his job after city officials found out he had been driving ambulances and fire trucks for over 20 years without a driver's license, an official in Takaoka City, central Japan, said on Tuesday.

The case came to light when the fire-fighter in his 40s, who had been working for the city for over 25 years, hesitated to show his driver's license during a regular inspection last week, said Shigeru Sawasaki, a Takaoka City official. "He was acting awkward when the inspection took place on the 5th," Sawasaki said. "And when the inspector took the driver's license and checked, it belonged to a family member." (Link)

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