Monday, June 23, 2008

Man auctions entire life on ebay

These things get weirder & weirder! And yet, in a way, I think it is a smart move. This guy is literally selling everything in his life because he split from his wife recently and everything reminds him of her. So he put everything up for auction on ebay in one big package! After the sale goes through he wants to walk out with the cash from the sale and his passport and start a completely new life elsewhere. Pretty cool - I hope it works out well for him.

A Briton has put his 'entire life' up for sale on eBay, the online auctions website, in an effort to start his life from scratch following the break-up of his marriage. Ian Usher, who has lived in Australia for the past six years, is selling his house, car, job and even his friends to whoever puts in the highest bid on eBay. The lot comprises his three-bedroom home in the western Australian city of Perth, as well as the home's contents, which include his car, motorcycle, a jet ski and parachuting equipment.

The winning bidder will also be given an introduction to Mr Usher's friends and a trial period in his job. In the first hour after bidding began, an offer came in for £150,000 and the £1m barrier was broken within 24 hours of the auction opening. The highest bid to date is AU$ 2,201,000 (£1.06m). (Link)

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