Wednesday, June 11, 2008

16,500 condoms to help pass the Antarctic winter!

Before darkness sets in, a last shipment arrives in US Research base in Antarctica. It contains 16,500 condoms. These will be distributed free to everyone because buying condoms can get embarrassing. It is a small community and everyone knows everyone else. (Link)

Now here is the fun part - there are only 125 people on the base!

It’s winter in Antarctica, and the residents are ready for months of total darkness. Quick quiz: among their last supply shipments were…
  • the new HBO John Adams series on DVD
  • books and movies about early Antarctic exploration
  • 20 sets of Trivial Pursuit
  • 16,500 condoms
Yeah, it’s the condoms. There are only about 125 people there now, so the math suggests total debauchery. (oddly enough)

Okay ... the 16,500 condoms are a years' supply. That is actually a very conservative estimate if you take the trouble to do the calculation ;-)

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