Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chocolate only diet

Another phobia - fear of food - people suffering this kind of fear just cannot eat anything except what they are used to - I know I'd get this fear if I was asked to eat bugs! This 12 year old schoolgirl eats nothing but chocolate. She is too scared of trying anything else.

Rebecca Scowcroft, from Bolton, eats 15 squares of cooking chocolate and 10 chocolate fingers every morning while her family opt for a more conventional breakfast of toast, eggs and cereal. The schoolgirl, who is in perfectly good health, eats the same for lunch and Rice Krispies for dinner - but only if they are mixed in bowl of melted chocolate.

Rebecca suffers from a condition known as extreme food phobia, which doctors estimate affects at least one child in every school in Britain. After years of trying to change their daughter's eating habits, Rebecca's parents enlisted the help of Dr Gillian Harris, a child psychologist who runs a feeding centre at Birmingham's children's hospital. With the help of Dr Harris, Rebecca has started to expand her diet and now eats small squares of toast for breakfast. (Link)

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