Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sarkozy son - hot, packing and a step ahead of Dad!

He is taller than his Dad, cuter than his dad, packing from the looks of the photo, and now seems to be a step ahead of Dad with his romantic & political ambitions. Do we have the beginnings of some kind of dynasty here?


President Nicolas Sarkozy of France's second son has just displayed even more precocious romantic and political ambitions than his father. At the weekend Jean Sarkozy got engaged to a rich heiress and claimed a key post in Mr Sarkozy's long-time fiefdom at the age of 21.

Echoing his father's "Speedy" nickname, he was betrothed on Sunday to school sweetheart Jessica Sebaoun - heiress to the Darty family, which own one of France's largest household appliance chains. Mr Sarkozy, by comparison, was first married aged 26. On the political front, ascent has been even swifter for the blond-locked law student. Jean is to be crowned head of the ruling UMP party group in the plush Hauts-de-Seine department – a post traditionally reserved for political veterans.(Link)

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