Monday, June 23, 2008

The hunt for Aliens is on!!

Have you ever wondered, staring at the immense sky with its millions of stars twinkling at you, if there was just the faintest probability of life somewhere out there? Now astronomers in Japan are joining forces to try and find out.

Japan's biggest astronomical observatories are teaming up for an unprecedented quest to find out whether there is life in outer space. The project, led by Japanese astronomers, will bring together a dozen or more observatories from all over the country to study one star that researchers see as a potential home to an extraterrestrial civilization. The search for aliens and UFOs is not new to Japan.

Last year, unidentified flying objects grabbed the headlines after a lawmaker submitted a question to the cabinet on whether the country had confirmed any cases of their existence. The government's answer: no. In the scientific world, Japanese researchers have used antennas to catch radio signals from outer space and analyzed the prisms of celestial lights to see if any laser emissions from space can be found. (Link)

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