Friday, June 13, 2008

Smart swans use zebra crossing

More proof that animals, and birds, are anything but dumb! This family had to trek across town and they used the zebra crossing to cross the road. One of the little cygnets even stopped to look into a shop selling fish & chips.
Ah, yes ... I learned something today - 'cob & pen'. I used to call them 'Mr & Mrs Swan' till now ;-)

Motorists and shoppers were startled when they saw a family of swans using a zebra crossing as they waddled through a town centre. The cob and pen led their brood of eight cygnets across the high street in Perranporth, Cornwall during a busy shopping afternoon. Shoppers in Perranporth watched as the animals made a 1,640 ft trek from a beach back to their home at a nearby boating lake last Saturday. (Link)

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