Friday, June 13, 2008

Nintendo smart & talking recipe book

A talking kitchen guide made by video game brand Nintendo could spell the end of the traditional cook book. Instead of poring over dog-eared copies of Elizabeth David or Jamie Oliver with flour-covered fingers, the new computerised guide promises wannabe chefs "hands-free" advice.

With hundreds of recipes from around the world already programmed in, it talks users through each step, as well as helping them with everything from controlling calories to compiling a shopping list.

Makers believe it could do to the cook book what satellite navigation did to the traditional road map. Designed for Nintendo's DS console, "Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?" is based on a virtual cooking game which was a runaway success in Japan.

Rather than leafing through books, stressed cooks can simple type in what they want to eat and chose from a variety of suitable recipes. The device can make calculations to adjust portions, alter recipes for slimmers or even work out the cost of the weekly shop. It also offers ideas for people wondering what to do with the usual random assortment of ingredients at the back of the fridge. And stressed cooks can skip past complex options by entering how much time they have into the search.

Nintendo claims using the guide, which is released at the end of this month, is "a piece of cake". But whether it will help those capable of burning a pot of water remains to be seen. (Telegraph)

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