Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smart CCTVs that see & HEAR!

More surveillance!! If there is a sound of breaking glass, a scream, obscenities, car alarms etc, this camera will actually swing to look at where the sound is coming from and if there is a crime in progress.

A new generation of intelligent CCTV cameras that can hear as well as see will be able to alert police to crimes in progress by recognising clues such as a person running or the sound of a scream. Researchers hope the smart cameras will have a dramatic impact on crime detection and prevention by cutting response times and ensuring that more incidents are caught on tape.

A team at the University of Portsmouth has already developed software which enables cameras to spot visual clues to anything from violent crime to vandalism, by looking for tell-tale signs such as someone raising their arm suddenly or even a snapped car aerial. (Link)

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