Friday, May 23, 2008

Demonic Possessions in Germany rise

... or so one would believe with the rising number of exorcisms that are being held in the country. The only exorcism I have seen is in movie The Exorcist! Would be interesting to witness one of these sessions. But first I'd like to try a séance. ;-)

A growing demand for exorcisms by Germans who believe they are suffering demonic possession has sparked controversy in a country where the practice has been outlawed by the Roman Catholic Church. The German Catholic Church has not officially endorsed exorcisms since 1973, when Anneliese Michel, 23, who suffered from epilepsy and hallucinations, died as a result of starvation when two priests performed 67 exorcisms on her. Meanwhile, many Germans from the northern part of the country are going to neigbouring Poland to treat their perceived demonic possession.

"Yield Satan! Succumb! You vile creature! Be silent! Yield!" screamed Father Otto Mauer, 82, a retired priest, during an exorcism on a 22-year-old woman, named as Heike H, during a documentary on the German state radio WDR. Father Mauer, who regularly performs exorcisms at his monastery in Ingolstat, allowed the station to record his ritual. (Telegraph)

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