Thursday, May 15, 2008

Found: Oldest - ever Caeser marble bust

Uderzo (of Asterix fame) really did get the image of JC very right! The bust that was found in France is the oldest ever found. And he sure looks like the guy from my Asterix comics ... LOL!!

Divers in France have found the oldest known bust of Roman dictator Julius Caesar at the bottom of the River Rhone, officials have said.

The marble bust was found near Arles, which was founded by Caesar.

France's culture ministry said the bust was from 46BC, the date of the southern town's foundation. A group of republican senators assassinated Caesar in 44BC.

"I suspect the bust was thrown in the river after he was assassinated because it would not have been good at that time to be considered a follower of his," said Mr Long. (BBC)

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George W said...

It is obviously George W Bush. I think someone Gallic is trying to make a political point with this fake bust.