Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nekkid ladies riding Paris metro

The Paris Metro authorities want to know how the photographer took these shots. They are worried that some crazies will want to do the same things - like hanging out of the window. The links are NSFW.

Paris Metro authorities, the RATP, are conducting an inquiry to find out how photographer Jam Abelanet was able to take these arty shots of nekked babes posed in the Metro. Be photoshopped wouldn't it? Pretty cool though. NotSafeForWork. More here at Jam's site. The book is out this week. Title? Fantaisies Souterraines - Underground Fantasies. So my question is - if it has indeed been photoshopped - how did he do it? After hours? This shot particularly. The photographer reckons he took every shot in situ either early in the morning or late at night. With the exception of one shot. Ah hah. (Wallyworld) via Boing Boing

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