Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some really cool photographs

These photos showed up in my Inbox and I had to share them - they are really interesting. I am not sure who to credit so if any of these photos are yours, please contact me for proper accreditation.

  • Apparently these little kids are getting ready to welcome Mussolini - somewhere in Italy during WWII.

  • Shanghai by Night.

  • A close encounter. Amazing what nature photographers will do for a good shot! I was watching Mark & Mike on Animal Planet and they do some crazy stuff just to get the perfect shot!

  • The name of a town in New Zealand

  • and this looks like a name of a town, perhaps somewhere in Scandinavia? I could not find any information.

  • A mushroom cloud.

  • An elephant gets out of the water

  • Who is going to win?

  • A slight marital dispute?

  • Yesterday I went for a walk with my dog on the beach in front of my home. The amount of junk washed up on that beach made me want to cry! I saw empty toothpaste tubes, white lunch boxes, empty soda bottles, tires, just so much rubbish that people throw into the sea. I could not walk bare feet for fear of cutting myself. I spent the half hour exercising my dog and cursing mankind and its negligent ways. And when I came home I saw this photograph in my e-mail. How beautiful is this place? I have been informed that it is the Maldives but I have no way to confirm it. This photograph makes me dream of far away places and realize that it will be progressively more difficult to find places as pristine as this. I am so sorry for what we are doing to our Earth.

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