Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tintin first comic in art collection

HUGE Tintin fan here!! I grew up with these comics and every Tintin comic book, perhaps the third generation of them in this house, is dog eared and falling apart. I love watching Ricky reading Tintin and not just giggling but occasionally even laughing out loud. I am thrilled that Herge is getting the recognition he so deserves.

Tintin has become the first comic strip hero to feature in the Pompidou Centre’s collection of modern art. An original black and white strip, signed by Tintin’s Belgian creator Herge and donated by his widow Fanny Rodwell, comes from the 1956 story, The Calculus Affair, the 18th of the Tintin adventures.

Pompidou contemporary art museum curator Benoit Peers said that the donation could lead the way for the acquisition of more comic strips. “One can say that Herge remains a pioneer and that Tintin, once again, has shown the way.” he told Le Figaro. (Telegraph)

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