Monday, May 19, 2008

Victorian ghost causes accidents

In the UK, an apparition of a young girl, dressed in Victorian clothes and running, has caused so many accidents that the area has become an accident black spot. Investigators are baffled. I think the authorities should consider a new sort of warning sign for this stretch of road : Drive with care - Ghost Ahead!

A ghostly apparition of a young girl is being blamed for a series of crashes on a stretch of country road.

Paranormal researchers are investigating the sightings of a girl in Victorian dress on a road in the West Midlands, which locals say is an accident blackspot.

The late-night visions are occurring along Oldnall Road in the Halesowen area and are believed to have been responsible for a number of crashes and near-misses in the area in recent years. Investigators looking for a logical explanation for the mystery admit they are baffled. (Telegraph)

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