Friday, May 16, 2008

Who's having the last laugh?

He was called 'the world's worst poet'. William McGonagall, of Dundee, liked writing about accidents, wars & death. Often, during his readings, people would mock him and throw food at him. Now a collection of his works is going under the hammer and is being valued in the same league as signed first editions of Harry Potter by JK Rowlings! they are are expected to fetch up to £6,500 at auction.

McGonagall, also known as "The Tayside Tragedian" was encouraged to give performances just so people could laugh at him. Here is an excerpt from his poem about the Tay Bridge disaster of 1879:

"So the train mov'd slowly along the Bridge of Tay,
Until it was about midway,
Then the central girders with a crash gave way,
And down went the train and passengers into the Tay..."


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