Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why floss when you can use a hammer?

I have been trying get an image of this in my head and am failing - how does one use a hammer to clean teeth!!?! I have an aunt who used a safety pin and almost died of sepsis. But the indirect risks to our health from gum disease are just as grave.

Hammers, earrings and lollipop sticks are just some of the items used to clean and pick at teeth, a survey has found. More than a quarter of people have opened a bottle with their teeth, while more than one in 10 floss while driving. The bad habits were picked up in the National Dental Survey carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation and Oral B.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the foundation, said: "People are putting themselves at risk with these shocking habits, yet around 85% of people are completely unaware of the link between the health of the mouth and the health of the body. Dr Carter said the foundation was concerned about the ignorance surrounding gum disease with half of those who suffer bleeding gums - 29 per cent of the survey - ignoring the problem. He said oral health was linked to serious conditions such as diabetes, strokes, heart disease and low birth weight babies. (Telegraph)

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