Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wild Boar helps arrest car thief

You do not want to run into one of these scary things, however bad a boy you are!


German police pursuing a car thief through a dark forest turned rescuers when the man became cornered by a family of angry wild boar.

Officers caught the man's passenger after the pair rammed into a squad car on a cross-country chase and leapt from the stolen Opel, police in the eastern city of Schwerin said.

But they initially lost track of the 18-year-old driver during the night-time pursuit when he fled deep into the forest.

"Then he ran into the family of boars, and the head of the family squared up to him," a police spokesman said on Friday. "So he stood there, put his hands up, and called for help."

Officers rescued the man from the boars, then arrested him. (Reuters)

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Kadir said...

Ha ha ha ha... wonderful wild boar. It is really faithful to the owner. Wild boars are more or less like wild dogs. They are difficult to manage in a park as well as in the wild.