Monday, June 02, 2008

Baldness cured by hair cloning

This will be welcome news to so many! It maybe a bit too late for DH who went bald before 40 - he loves his shaved head too much now - 'freedom' he says! No way is he going to get a thousand injections to get back his hair.

Premature baldness could soon be assigned to history after scientists have pioneered a treatment to clone hair. Follicular cell implantation works by replicating remaining hair strands and has already shown positive results in continuing clinical trials on human beings. It could eventually help millions of people to regain a full head of their own hair.
The technique has been hailed as a major advance in hair restoration and is backed by a £1.9 million government grant. It has the potential to re-grow a limitless supply hair for individuals who have become bald during cancer treatment, from suffering severe burns, or simply the onset of age. Scientists say the therapy could be made available to patients within five years. (Link)

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