Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Britain is being 'taken over' by Indians

I know that when Englishmen want a good meal they go eat curry, there are markets in the UK where the produce is fresher than in some Indian cities, but Lord Archer has taken it to another level altogether. "Indians are the new Jews' he says. And one day Britain will have an Indian PM!! Well ... he does have a book to sell. And I say ... while we are at it - let's take over the world!!! (insert maniacal laughter here)

Indian immigrants are "doing what the Jews did 30-40 years ago" and entering British politics, Lord Archer claimed. Asked if he could see any change in Britain, he replied: "Massive. It is going to be taken over by the Indians. And I don't joke... Now what you are doing is what the Jews did 30-40 years ago when they came to England after the war. The Indians are now taking over the local councils. There are mayors all over England who are Indian."

The former Conservative Party deputy chairman made his comments in India, where he is on a book tour promoting his latest novel, A Prisoner of Birth. He told the interviewer: "You are young enough, I suspect, to live to see an Indian prime minister in England."(link)

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