Thursday, June 05, 2008

Celebrity bicycle: comes with security guard

One thing I have noticed over the years travelling to London, is how the number of bicycles seems to keep increasing. I think this really is the best mode of transportation now, considering gas prices, and a great way to get the daily workout. But Londoners started quite a while back - setting the trend - making it cool to ride a bike to work. ( It just was not trendy enough to emulate when one saw the millions of Chinese on their bicycles :-) Anyway I guess it was just a matter of time before a 'celebrity' bike showed up. Now we have a gold bike for almost $19,000. And it comes with its own security guard. I wonder if the guards are always so hot ...

So what is the latest celebrity present? A bike. It's gold, costs £9,500 and it's environmentally-friendly too. It has been created for celebrity cyclists and it will hopefully be bought by the cyclist "cyclist who has everything", as it goes on sale today. The bike, the most expensive in Britain, is too expensive to be insured - so it comes with its own personal body guard. The bicycle, which has a 24ct gold-framed machine and is custom-made, has been commissioned by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA), an insurance provider. Not only is it environmentally-friendly to cycle but the money also goes to ETA, a non-profit organisation who campaigns for sustainable transport. (Telegraph)

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