Saturday, June 07, 2008

China Government will help earthquake parents to have kids

Kudos to the China Government for the way it is handling the whole situation. I was watching on TV how they are building temporary shelters at an incredible rate and should soon have everyone housed within the next few weeks. It is good that they are also try to address in some way the very sad plight of so many parents who have lost their only child.

What a difference between this situation and the one in Burma!

China is sending medics to offer reverse sterilisation operations to parents who lost their only children in last month's quake, state media says. The family planning authorities say the team will provide counselling, surgery and in-vitro fertilisation treatment.

Under China's one-child policy, parents who lose a child or have one with disabilities are allowed a second baby. The authorities in Sichuan province estimate about 7,000 of those killed in the 12 May quake were only children.

Zhang Shikun, director of the science and technology bureau of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, said: "The team, comprised of experts on child-bearing, will conduct surgery in the quake-hit areas to provide technological support for those wanting to give birth to another." Parents of the estimated 16,000 only children injured in the tremor may also be included under the scheme, according to an official quoted by the state news agency. (BBC)

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