Monday, June 02, 2008

LO: Bordighera

Layout done with Background paper - Worldwin Cascata Cardstock; Other paper - Ruche Cardstock by Worldwin Papers in White, Cocoa, Red; Black dye ink; Alphabet Stamps by Ma Vinci's Reliquary; Hearts - Basic Grey Chipboard elements - covered with Red Ruched cardstock.

This was a difficult time I had - immediately after the birth of my son - things were extremely trying for me. My in-laws and I went to the seaside town of Bordighera (near Monte Carlo) and stayed there for nearly two months. Lily who was three, had a wonderful time there. I made this layout for her but I think some of the bad feeling I associate with the place must have crept into the journaling. She read it and then looked at me and said 'You do not like Bordighera very much, do you?' I did not want it to be so evident. But after all the trouble I took to hand journal, I am not changing anything. Lily is a big girl now - she understands I am sure.


Kelly W said...

How did the oranges climb into the trees? That part of it is sweet and worth remembering. :) ((HUGS))

Creative Junkie said...

I'm not able to read your journaling, but I just wanted to say that a lot of times, negative feelings come out through my journaling, depending on what I'm writing about. But it's my journaling, it's how I remember that particular moment, it's what I was feeling at the time and it's true to me. So even though it may not appear "happy" to everyone, I'm OK with it because it's real. KWIM?

Love your layout.