Sunday, June 08, 2008

Naked bikers emphasise environmental issues

This is the third annual World Naked Bike Ride held in Madrid. Cyclists in many cities took to the streets, some nude, some with painted messages like 'Sweat not Oil' on their bodies and some in their underwear. The message is 'ride to work' instead of driving thus helping to save the environment. Less automobiles. Apt considering the price of gas these days.

(Photo : Xinhua)

The riders were campaigning against cars and their damage to the environment, many using their bodies a display for slogans. Some just painted their bodies in colour while others featured wigs and hats. Others stuck to underwear and many just kept to the theme as they cycled the streets, catching the attention of peasants. Now in its third year, the event has a London counterpart which will take place next weekend. (Link)

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