Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New 'potentially explosive' evidence of the existence of the Yeti?

Here we go again!! This is always fun - trying to prove (or disprove as the case may be) the existence of these fantastical creatures. I will not say that I completely disbelieve all these stories because that would imply having intimate & thorough knowledge of many things. This I have not. So I like taking everything with a pinch of salt and while being almost skeptical, keeping an open mind. Anything is possible ... (Horton music in my head)

A British artist has produced what she calls a "photo-fit" of the Yeti based on "potentially explosive" new evidence of the elusive creature's existence. Wildlife painter Polyanna Pickering was shown what is believed to be a 100-year-old yeti scalp at a remote monastery in the Himalayas. At least one expert believes it could be the most important proof yet that the giant apelike beast is more than mere folklore. Ms Pickering was gathering material for a new exhibition in the remote Bhutan region of the Himalayas when she made her chance discovery - with a little help from David Beckham.

She said: "I was told this was from a Migoi - their name for the yeti. All I know is, it was bigger than any human or ape scalp I have ever seen. It had tufts of reddish-black fur coming out of it and was mounted on a pole and seen as a holy relic." The scalp was housed in a part of the monastery closed to visitors. "The sole occupant was a caretaker monk who got very excited when he found out we were English and he was a huge David Beckham fan and then ushered us through to the back." Photography is banned in all such monasteries but Ms Pickering, 65, was able to make a rough sketch of the scalp. She also produced a full sketch of the creature, based on scores of eyewitness accounts by indigenous people. (More Here: Telegraph)

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