Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The REAL Mr. Darcy

The folks casting James Mcavoy as LeFroy in 'Becoming Jane' were not too off the mark with the pale, girly looks. I do like McAvoy very much but he is no Colin Firth and he certainly is no Fitzwilliam Darcy!!

The man thought to have inspired Jane Austen's dashing literary hero Mr Darcy was a pale, skinny student with wispy grey hair and girlish looks. Austen's character in Pride and Prejudice was brought to life on television by actor Colin Firth who won an army of female admirers.

But a portrait of the man many believe was her real life Mr Darcy shows a pallid, bookish law student. Lefroy, an Irishman, met the author when both were 20 and he came to stay with relatives in Hampshire. (Link)

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