Monday, June 09, 2008

'Sqish' satellite dish blends into background

This is a great product idea - a satellite dish that is not an eye sore. All you have to do is take a digital photo of the place where you wish to place the dish and send it to the manufacturer. When you get the dish it is already camouflaged.

Satellite dish designers have developed a chameleon-like alternative to unsightly receivers – a dish that can disappear into its surroundings. The 'Sqish' can be camouflaged to match the wall it is mounted on and avoid problems with irritable neighbours or over-enthusiastic planning inspectors.

It also allows those living in conservation areas the chance to enjoy their favourite television shows which aren't available on other platforms. The Sqish is able to fit into its surrounding better than a traditional concave dish because it is flat and square. (Link)

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